Retail / Online Sales

BVM consultants through its “Retail & E-Commerce” service unit specializes in the search for personnel for industries such as Manufacturing, Supermarkets, Mass Consumption, Large Stores, Premises, Wholesale and Retail. As well as its suppliers and related.

Recruitment and selection of personnel for Retail and Commerce in general is a key activity that contributes directly to the business results. Our professionals know this relationship, so they are specially prepared to identify the right candidates, combining a broad base of candidates together with thorough psychological-labor analysis of the selected candidates.

1) We have a wide network of specialized professionals, qualified and suitable for your organization.
2) Our alliances with various educational institutions allow us to provide the candidate you need both nationally and internationally.
3) We carry out thorough and rigorous psychological-labor analyzes.


CHESS® Web Platform

Online management interface (optional and cost free).

Headhunting and Personnel Assesment Services: Discovering Talent for your Organazition.