The phenomena of dishonesty and criminal behavior of employees in their site of work have a critical as well as moral financial impact on the commerce and the businesses. These phenomena cover all the ethnic cultures and all the groups and represent a preoccupation for any economy around the world. BVM Consulting looking for offer innovating services for their clients have realized an alliance with an organization world-wide leader in studies of occupational delinquency, to offer a UNIQUE system IN CHILE of honesty evaluation.

For this propose we used a tool of personnel evaluation, call Honesty Profile. This tool was designed and developed by a multidisciplinary team of North American and Israeli professionals of the areas of psychology, criminology, security, sociology and lawyers, this give a high level of trustworthiness and validity to the tool.


We want to invite you to evaluate your personnel with this system and to obtain a valuable data with respect to the level of honesty of the people who works with you daily, to be able to develop strategies of work in the long term, to diminish your operational costs and to make profitable your business to the maximum.


  • You will be able to obtain valuable data with respect to the valoric scale of the personnel of your company.
  • High return of the investment, considering that establishing precise policies with respect to the honesty waited for the personnel, allows to diminish costs associated to the robbery, decreases, rotation and labor absenteeism, among others.
  • According to the obtained data, you will be able to implement strategic plans of human resources to select or retain most suitable personnel for the fulfillment of your organizational objectives.
  • Obtaining of highly reliable results, since the tool counts on varied studies of trustworthiness and validity, endorsed by professionals of world-wide high level in the areas of occupational psychology, criminology, security, sociology and right.

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